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Children & youth

The CANVAS COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Study

The Canadian National Vaccine Safety (CANVAS) Network is a national research platform that monitors vaccine safety after vaccines are approved for use. We are monitoring the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines in Canada and we need your help.

We are recruiting people under 20 years of age who have received their first COVID-19 vaccine in the last 7 days or who are not vaccinated. Using web-based surveys, we will collect information about whether or not there have been any changes to your health after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. We will also collect information on change to your health from people who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine.

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COVID-19 Community Response Study

This study aims to identify the information needs, values, beliefs, and experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic and related public health measures among the Asian community in the Lower Mainland.

Researchers are currently looking to interview additional members of the South Asian community to understand this community’s experiences, perspectives, and information needs surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination. The goal of the study is to inform pandemic and vaccine related programs.

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The elimination of cervical cancer has been listed by the World Health Organization as a top health priority and Canada is posed to be one of the first countries to achieve this goal. Ongoing evaluation of the HPV vaccine and dosing schedule is critical to optimizing the vaccine’s cancer-eliminating potential.

Women ages 17-26 and men ages 15-20 are invited to participate in this observational study regardless of whether or not they have received the HPV vaccine. Please email to learn more.

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