Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 poster competition!

1st place – Tebogo Leepile

2nd place – Maggie Woo Kinshella

3rd place – Sophie McGregor

Tyler Yan Poster

Tyler Yan, UBC Faculty of Medicine

Sophie McGregor Poster

Sophie McGregor, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

Najet Hassen Poster

Najet Hassen, University of British Columbia, Arthritis Research Canada

Harleen Jhinger Poster

Harleen Jhinger, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Emily Spiera Poster

Emily Spiera, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Maggie Woo Kinshella Poster

Mai-Lei (Maggie) Woo Kinshella, University of British Columbia

Hallie Dau Poster

Hallie Dau, University of British Columbia

Jordie Fischer Poster

Jordie Fischer, Department of Food, Nutrition and Health, University of British Columbia

Linda Mardiros Poster

Linda Mardiros, The University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine

Tebogo Leepile

Tebogo T. Leepile, Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems

Kiran Marpar Poster

Kiran Parmar, School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia

Raiya Suleman Poster

Raiya Suleman, University of British Columbia

Kishor Wasan Poster

Dr. Kishor M. Wasan, NGDI-UBC & Urologic Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Kaitlyn Samson

Kaitlyn Samson, University of British Columbia

Hand Hygiene For All

The project is a collaborative research project of doctors and students investigating the barriers to provide running water in schools across the globe in 120 countries. We also present solutions to provide water for hand hygiene during COVID19 pandemic and beyond. The project is dedicated to support The UNICEF project Hand Hygiene for All and the Tap project. From creating water from air, expanding a bicycle transportation network, from collecting air moisture to roof collection tanks, communities across the globe deal with the sad reality that 42% of schools around the globe do not have access to water. 
A special thanks to the premedical students who created posters for the Global Health Conference. All their posters can be found in this blog post.
Dr. Rosalind Silverman
Founder and Dean of Education and Development, Pre-medical Program
Medical Education Programs in Canada and USA