Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 trainee video competition! 

1st place: Dr. Yashodani Pillay, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia

2nd place: Nicola Symonds, Medical Student, Queen’s University 

3rd place: Dr. Justine Dol, Postdoctoral Fellow, Mothering Transitions Research Lab, St. Michael’s Hospital

Trainee presentation videos








Applications of telemedicine to improve maternal and newborn health across the globe

Maternal and Newborn Health are crucial aspects of building healthier communities. In many countries across the globe new mothers and their newborns face various barriers to access basic healthcare or specialists and often even basic necessities of life. Starmed Medical Education Programs’ medical doctors and premedical students created a thorough research on application of telemedicine in countries across the globe to improve the health status of mothers and newborns. 

A special thanks to Drs. Lorelei and Rosalind Silverman and their team of international medical doctors, clinicians, scientists, and premedical students who created posters for the Global Health Conference. All their posters can be found in this blog post.