Infections in children are still a major cause of early morbidity and mortality throughout the world, despite the advances made in preventive care. Infections are often a reason for children to become critically ill, and often occur in the critically ill child. My research focuses upon stemming this burden through optimizing their management in a variety of settings. Additionally, the ability of various settings and healthcare systems to cost-effectively manage critically ill children, especially those with infection, is an area of focus.


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Biomarkers in pediatric sepsis
Being able to stratify children with severe sepsis, so as to better triage their care and predict their outcome, is a long-standing challenge. I am investigating the role of a panel of novel biomarkers, detected in blood, in predicting the outcome of children. This will be of tremendous help for research purposes, for front-line providers assessing the severity of illness, and for improving the understanding of the mechanism of the complex septic reaction.


2011 University of Toronto Elizabeth Arbuthnot Dyson Fellowship

2011 University of Toronto Joseph M. West Family Memorial Fund Fellowship

Research Group Members

Kira Genise, Student
Tina Madani Kia, Co-op Student