Visiting the BC Children’s Hospital Brachial Plexus Clinic

Your first visit

Your family will meet the doctor and physiotherapist who will ask you about your child’s birth history, recovery to date, and any treatment that you and your child have been doing. They will also perform a full physical assessment related to your child’s brachial plexus injury, as well as explain the nature of brachial plexus injuries, and the anticipated course of recovery. They will suggest additional medical testing, as necessary, and make treatment recommendations. This first visit is approximately 45 minutes. Your child’s progress will be monitored closely at each appointment. 

As the clinic receives referrals from all over the province of BC, the goal is to recommend and support you in obtaining treatment resources within your home community.

You may self refer to your local infant development program.

The clinic physiotherapist will also assist in coordinating a community based physiotherapist to provide treatment recommendations and support between clinic visits.

Additional visits

Additional visits and their timing will depend on your child’s needs and recovery. Follow up visits to the clinic range from every month to every three months in the child’s first year of life, gradually decreasing as the child gets older.

Clinic visits are meant to supplement the routine treatment that you will be doing at home, in conjunction with your child's community-based physiotherapist.

At each visit, your child’s arm movement will be assessed and we will monitor their developmental progress.

Future visits may include other medical staff including an occupational therapist, orthopaedic surgeon, or radiologist.