A list of the past staff, graduate students, and visiting international students from the DHIL and earlier ECEM and PART.


Name Role Year Finished
Jonath Sujan Technical Analyst 2023
Peter Lewis Junior Software Developer 2023
Brendan Lai Work-Learn student 2023
Hana Tak Graduate research assistant 2023
Dr. Javier Toledo Postdoctoral Fellow 2023
Dr. Michael Wood Postdoctoral Fellow 2022
Dr. Rama Syamala Sreepada Postdoctoral Fellow 2022
Kim Correa Graduate Work Learn student 2022
Alishah Mawji Research Assistant 2022
Rishika Bose Co-op Student 2022
Joud Jelassi Work Learn Student 2022
Sela Grays Research Assistant 2021
Dr. Klaske van Heusden Research Associate 2021
Dr. Taneille Johnson Post-Graduate Resident Physician in Pediatrics 2021
Ansh Kumar Sharma Summer Research Intern 2021
Iris Chang Graduate research assistant 2021
Jack Gong Undergraduate Work Learn student 2021
Peijia Ding Work Learn Student 2021
Nicole Ritson Work Learn Student 2021
Dr. Edmond Li Master of Science Student 2020
Minnie Teng Graduate Work Learn Student 2020
Kristina Gagalova Graduate Work Learn Student 2020
Nicola Symonds Research Assistant 2020
Dee Wang Research Assistant 2020
Parnian Hosseini Co-op Student 2020
Josh Fernandez Co-op Student Programmer 2020
Fardowsa Yusuf Research Assistant 2020
Shayesteh Vefaghnematollahi Graduate Student 2020
Justin Dragoman Research Student 2020
Pavel Lutskov Graduate Research Assistant 2019
Dr. Soodeh Ahani Post-Doctoral Fellow 2019
Dr. Roberto Pagano Post-Doctoral Fellow 2019
Gabby Napoleone Research Assistant 2019
Ben Clayton Undergraduate Summer Student 2019
Celine Huegel Visiting International Research Student 2019
Georg Seidel Visiting International Research Student 2019
John Sung Undergraduate Summer Student 2019
Victor Lee Undergraduate Summer Student 2019
Christine Liu Flex Student 2019
Dr. Abhinav Sharma Medical Student 2018

Barbara Monserrat Ramos Macía

Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Analysis of PPG Signals to Predict Risk in Preeclampsia

Brett Hannigan Graduate Student, Thesis Project: High-resolution Analog-to-Digital Conversion for Medical Use 2018
Dr. Cynthia Liu Post-Doctoral Fellow, Project: VitalPad 2018
Erin Cooke Research Coordinator 2018
Jonathan Chan Co-op Student Programmer 2018
Dr. Madhi Yousefi Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Robust Safety Preserving Closed-Loop Control of Anesthesia 2018
Megan Stewart Research Manager 2018
Niema Ghanad Poor Visiting International Research Student 2018
Dr. Parastoo Dehkordi Thesis Project: Monitoring the Autonomic Regulation of the Cardiorespiratory System in Sleep and Sleep Breathing Disorders - a Mobile Health Application 2018
Rosa Hillgruber Visiting International Research Student 2018
Shanshan Pi Graduate Work Learn Student 2018
Jollee Fung Co-op Student 2018
Shaylene Beaudry Software Developer 2018
Aryannah Rollinson Research Facilitator 2017
Dr. Carolyne Montgomery Pediatric Anesthesiologist 2017
Dr. Chris Petersen Director of Technology Development 2017
Dr. Luisa Flohr Pediatrics Resident 2017
Luisa Goepfert Visiting International Research Student 2017
Mika Johnson Grant Facilitator 2017
Nancy Christopher Research Nurse 2017
Dr. Nasim Lowlaavar Research Assistant 2017
Nazanin Hamzei Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Analysis of Low-Noise EEG in Search of Functional Gamma Band Correlates 2017
Stephanie Schüler Visiting International Research Student 2017
Dr. Ainara Garde Post-Doctoral Fellow, Project: Sleep Apnea Signal Processing 2016
Kousha Talebian Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Automation in Anesthesia : a look at L₁ Adaptive and PID Controllers 2016
Dr. Neda Eskandari Post-Doctoral Fellow, Project: Closed-loop Anesthesia 2016
Sonia Brodie Research Assistant 2016
Joanne Lim Research Manager 2015
Peter Chen Software Developer 2015
Dr. Sara Khosravi Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Automatic Control of Hypnosis 2015
Dr. Kouhyar Tavakolian Post-Doctoral Fellow, Project: Earlier Detection of Hemorrhage using Seismocardiography 2014
Dr. Richa Anand-Wong Grant Facilitator 2014
Suraaj Aulakh Research Assistant 2014
Dr. Walter Karlen Post-Doctoral Fellow, Project: Intelligent Monitoring during Anesthesia 2014
Dr. Behnam Molavi Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Near Infrared Spectroscopy: Novel Signal Processing Methods and Applications 2013
Dorothy Myers Research Coordinator 2013
Dr. Heng Gan Clinical Research Fellow 2013
Jonathan Stinson Research Assistant 2013
Dr. Pedram Ataee Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Homeostasis Revisited in the Genesis of Stress Reactivity 2013
Dr. Shahab Kaynama Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Scalable Techniques for the Computation of Viable and Reachable Sets: Safety Guarantees for High-Dimensional Linear Time-Invariant Systems 2013
Dr. Ali Shahidi Zandi Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Scalp EEG Quantitative Analysis : Automated Real-Time Detection and Prediction of Epileptic Seizures 2012
Dr. Chris Brouse Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Monitoring Nociception During General Anesthesia with Heart Rate Variability 2012
Dr. John Maidens Graduate Student, Thesis Project: Scalable Computation of Viability Kernels and a Viability-Theoretic Approach to Guaranteeing Safety for Closed-Loop Medical Devices 2012
Nakisa Abbasi Summer Student 2012
Dr. Srinivas Raman Medical Student 2012
Dr. Francisco Ng Anesthesia Resident 2011
Jeremy Daniels Medical Student 2010