Learn more about the Digital Health Innovation Lab team.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Guy Dumont

E: guyd@ece.ubc.ca
P: 604 822 2336

Dr. Matthias Görges

E: mgoerges@bcchr.ca
P: 604 8775 2000 ext. 5616

Research Staff

Dustin Dunsmuir

Global Health Technical Lead
E: ddunsmuir@bcchr.ca

Nick West

Clinical Research Coordinator
E: nicholas.west@bcchr.ca

Peter Lewis

Junior Software Developer
E: peter.lewis@bcchr.ca

Jonath Sujan

Technical Analyst
Project: BCCHR Data Mine / Platform for Analytics and Data (PANDA) - Research
E: Jonath.Sujan@bcchr.ca


Dr. Roberto Pagano

Postdoctoral Fellow
Project: NIRS sensor and application development
E: rpagano@bcchr.ca

Shahbaz Askari

Graduate Student
Thesis project: Combined NIRS/EEG for use in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
E: baz.askari@gmail.com

Dr. Javier Toledo

Postdoctoral Fellow
E: javier.toledo1@bcchr.ca
P: 604 875 2000 ext. 5319

Rosalyn Carr

Graduate student
Thesis project: A bi-directional data sharing platform for researchers and citizen science
E: Rosalyn.Carr@bcchr.ca

Zoya Bastany

Graduate student
E: zoya@nrsign.com
P: 604-875-2345 x6920

Brendan Lai

Work-Learn student
E: Brendan.Lai@bcchr.ca

Hana Tak

Graduate research assistant
Project: Pediatric Pain Prediction: a study to gather patient reported experience and outcome measures to develop post-procedural pain trajectory models 
E: Hana.Tak@bcchr.ca

Titilola Yakubu

Graduate student
Thesis project: REACHOUT NexGEN: A virtual care platform for peer-led mental health support in adolescents with type 1 diabetes (T1D)
E: Titilola.Yakubu@bcchr.ca