Our Team

Principal Investigators

    Dr. Mark Ansermino
E: anserminos@yahoo.ca 
P: 604 875 2711  
    Dr. Guy Dumont
E: guyd@ece.ubc.ca
P: 604 822 2336
      Dr. Matthias Görges
E: mgorges@bcchr.ca
P: 604-875-2000 x5616

    Dr. Richard Merchant
E: richard.merchant@ubc.ca

Research Staff

    Dr. Klaske van Heusden
Research Associate
E: klaskeh@ece.ubc.ca
P: 604-875-2000 x5319  


    Shaylene Beaudry
Junior Software Developer
E: sbeaudry@bcchr.ca
P: 604-875-2000 x5318  
      Dustin Dunsmuir
Global Health Technical Lead
E: ddunsmuir@cw.bc.ca
P: 604-875-2000 x5318  
    Megan Stewart
Research Manager
E: megan.stewart@cw.bc.ca
P: 604-875-2000 x6669  
      Erin Cooke
Clinical Research Coordinator
E: ecooke@cw.bc.ca
P: 604-875-2000 x5319  
    Gabby Napoleone
Research Assistant
E: gabrielle.napoleone@cw.bc.ca
P: 604-875-2345 x5926

    Nick West
Clinical Research Coordinator
E: nicholas.west@cw.bc.ca
P: 604-875-2345 x5319
    Maja Klempner
Admin Assistant
E: maja.klempner@cw.bc.ca
P: 604-875-2000 x6669 M, W, F only  



    Dr. Soodeh Ahani
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Project: Improved detection of the burst suppression pattern within electroencephalography (EEG)
E: sahani@bcchr.ca  
    Dr. Cynthia Liu
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Project: VitalPad
E: cynthia.liu@bcchr.ca
P: 604-875-2000 x3646

    Dr. Roberto Pagano
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Project: NIRS sensor and application development
E: rpagano@bcchr.ca
    Shahbaz Askari
Graduate student
Thesis Project: Combined NIRS/EEG for use in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
E: Baz.Askari@gmail.com  

    Zoya Bastany
Graduate student
Thesis Project: Iterative learning control of radio-frequency activities
E: zoya@nrsign.com
P: 604-875-2345 x6920
    Parastoo Dehkordi
Graduate student
Thesis Project: Monitoring the autonomic regulation of the cardiorespiratory system in sleep and sleep breathing disorders - a mobile health application
E: parastoo.dehkordi@gmail.com

    Brett Hannigan
Graduate student
Thesis Project: High-resolution analog-to-digital conversion for medical use
E: bhannigan@bcchr.ca  
    Barbara Monserrat Ramos Macías
Graduate student
Thesis Project: Analysis of PPG signals to predict risk in preeclampsia
E: bmacias@bcchr.ca  

    Shayesteh Vefaghnematollahi
Graduate Student
Thesis Project: Low-cost automated fetal movement detection
E: svefaghnematollahi@bcchr.ca  
    Mahdi Yousefi
Graduate student
Thesis Project: Robust safety preserving closed-loop control of anesthesia
E: mahdiyou@ece.ubc.ca


Dr. Taneille Johnson
Graduate Work-Learn Student
E: tjohnson@bcchr.ca
P: 604-875-2345x5319

    Stephanie Schueler
Visiting International Research Student
E: sschueler@bcchr.ca
P: 604-875-2345 x6920  

    Shanshan Pi
Graduate Work-Learn Student
E: spi@bcchr.ca
P: 604-875-2345 x6920
    Rosa Hillgruber
Visiting International Research Student
E: rosa.hillgruber@bcchr.ca
P: 604-875-2345 x6920