We are always looking for speakers for the TOG Seminar Series. If you are interested in presenting or if you have any questions about presenting in the seminar series, email us at traineeomicsgroup@gmail.com or sign-up at our website https://www.bcchr.ca/tog/tog-events/seminars.

View our upcoming seminars schedule on our GitHub!

The TOG monthly Seminar Series is a great opportunity for everyone to present their data, get feedback and network with fellow trainees and faculty!

If you are interested in presenting (this can be work-in-progress (WIP), practice for an upcoming conference, exit seminar, …), email us at tog@bcchr.ca!

March 1, 2024  

Speaker: Rui Wang, Kobor Lab

Theme: Methylomics and transcriptomics

April 5, 2024  

Speaker: Keely Hewton, Parker Lab

Theme: Metabolomics

May 3, 2024  

Speaker: Ning Shen, Korthauer Lab

Theme: Tool development and Methylomics

June 7, 2024  

Speaker: Irving Ng, Vallance/Korthauer Labs

Theme: Microbiome and multiomics