All of our workshops are led by our TOG Council members, providing real-time and hands-on explanations and exercises!

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Past Workshops

All of our past workshop scripts are available with comprehensive annotation on our GitHub. Take a look through all our past workshops and links to the Github folders!

ggplot2 Tutorial - Victor Yuan

Victor Yuan gave a great ggplot2 tutorial to kick off our R Study Group series! In case you missed it or want to revisit his material, you can find the code for the tutorial here.

Introduction to Rmarkdown and Rstudio Environment - Giulia Del Gobbo

All of Giulia's code for the tutorial are here.

Tidyverse Tutorial - Victor Yuan

Victor Yuan came back this week with another tidyverse tutorial. This time, he covered data manipulation in dplyr. You can find his code and a walk-through of his lesson here.

Beginners In R Tutorial - Amy Inkster

Amy Inkster developed a spooky Halloween tutorial for those who are complete beginners in R! Click here to see her presentation "R: It's Not So Scary!"

Version Control with Git and Github - Will Casazza

A great walk-through of the tutorial (based on the UBC STAT 540 course) can be found here.

Writing Tests and Validating Data in R - Dr. Mike Irvine

Dr. Mike Irvine's GitHub example material from the tutorial can be found here, and a video recording of the session can be found here (accessible to BCCHR members only).

PCA Plots and Heat Maps in R - Christina Michalski

The code from the tutorial can be found on our GitHub page.

Intro to ggplot2 - Victor Yuan

Click here to find Victor's intro to ggplot2 tutorial materials!

Data Manipulation with dplyr - Almas Khan

The material covered during the tutorial can be found here.

Working with Data from GEO and Differential DNA Methylation Analysis in Limma - Will Casazza and Sam Schaffner

Click here for the content of our EWAS series part 1.

Gene Ontology Enrichment with gprofiler2 - Will Casazza and Sam Schaffner

The content of part 2 of our EWAS series part 2 is available on our GitHub.

Intro to Git and GitHub - Jeremy Fan

Check out our Intro to Git and GitHub tutorial here!

2-Part RNA-seq Workshop - Nikita Telkar

Our first 2-part RNA-seq Workshop covers raw aligned data and all the way to gene and pathway enrichment! 

Integrating Different Genomic Data Types - Sam Schaffner

Sam Schaffner demonstrated how to integrate different genomic data types - here she used gene expression and methylation data - in our featured 2021 Annual TOG Kickoff!  

What is R? - Divya Anantsri

One of our most highly requested workshops, Divya walked through installing and troubleshooting R and RStudio, explaining the R language syntax, ending with running some basic functions and plotting.

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