The Department of Pediatric Dentistry is located in BC Children’s Hospital. It is part of the Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia and is located at 4480 Oak Street, Room 162 in the Ambulatory Care Building. The Children’s Hospital Dental Service has been a Department of the hospital since the late 1940s. The mandate of the Dental Department has changed over the years to meet the needs of secondary and tertiary level patients to be cared for in the province and for healthy children under the age of 4 years. The first salaried Head of Pediatric Dentistry was appointed in July, 1985.

Since 1985 oral health care services have been provided to the children of BC who cannot be treated in the community, either with local or general anesthesia. Dentistry has a dedicated operating room that is located in the main operating room area is available for the provision of comprehensive oral health care services and minor oral surgery under general anesthesia. Major oral maxillofacial surgery is performed in the Main OR. The three chair dental clinic is now located in the new Ambulatory Care Building. The service provides 24/7 emergency coverage for the management of oral trauma, infection and pain. Professional staff is on call as back-up to the dental residents who share call on a rotational basis.