Monitoring post renal transplant AKI

Project Summary

Current practice is to use MAG3 scan to monitor kidney function post acute kidney injury in a post-transplant setting. However, utility of Tc-99mMAG-3 in evaluating kidney transplant recipients in the post-operative period is debatable. The purpose of this study is to optimize clinical investigations performed in patient population post-renal transplant to monitor rate and extent of kidney recovery and predict long term outcomes. 

This will be a minimal risk clinical study that is exclusively a retrospective chart review. The study was developed within the Multi-Organ Transplant (MOT) program at the BC Children's Hospital, and Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen is the principal investigator. 

Project Status

Status: Closed
Study Start Date: April 8, 2020
Study End Date: March 30, 2023

Project Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen


Sharon Gershony, UBC Medicine, Faculty of Radiology
Kourosh Afshar, UBC Medicine, Faculty of Urologic Sciences

Research Team Members

Candice Wiedman, Research Assistant
Mike Guron, Research Assistant
Julie Matheson, Research Coordinator

Enrollment Eligibility Criteria

There is no enrollment. This is a retrospective chart review.