Health Outcomes in Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation (HOPE SOT)

Project Summary

Life threatening organ failure can be rescued by transplantation, but children and families who have survived these critical illnesses experience chronic stress, isolation, family disruption, inability to participate in “normal” activities, and the children may develop anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and depression. It may affect their physical, social, and emotional development, impact their transition into adult care, interfere with peer relationships, and decrease their quality of life. Our project will analyse yearly mental health and quality of life screening, and multiple medical and socio-demographic factors at BC Children’s Hospital’s transplant clinic and, potentially, other transplant program sites, to better understand mental health in transplanted children. 

Project Status

Status: Recruiting
Study Start Date: January 25, 2017
Study End Date: TBD

Study Enrollment Status: Active
Start Date: February 2017
End Date: 

Project Team

Principal Investigator: Tom Blydt-Hansen

Erin Moon
Brittany Seligman
Orlee Guttman
Derek Human
Kathryn Armstrong
Erika Penner
Anita Cote
Suzanne Vercauteren
Soren Gantt
Richard Schreiber
Manish Sadarangani

Research Team Members:

Julie Matheson, Research Coordinator
Candice Wiedman, Research Assistant
Mike Guron, Research Assistant
Amber Campbell, Research Assistant 
Astrid De Souza, Research Associate 
Julie Fairbairn, Clinical Instructor
Kathryn Haubrich, Clinical Instructor
Lorraine Hamiwka, Associate Professor
Sarah Hutchison, Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Khalid Taha, Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Tatsuma Hind, Undergraduate Student
Azim Ahmed, Undergraduate Student
Hyunwoong Chae, Undergraduate Student
Emma Keay, Undergraduate Student
Adina Landsberg, Undergraduate Student
Sargun Bajaj, Undergraduate Student
Melissa Kong, Undergraduate Student
Simranpreet Mann, Co-op Student 
Oscar Lau, Research Student/Volunteer
David Camarda, Research Student/Volunteer
Kerry Hu, Research Student/Volunteer
Daniel Mun, Research Student/Volunteer
Beatrice Kraljii, Research Student/Volunteer

Enrollment Eligibility Criteria
  1. Individual is a patient in the Multi-Organ Transplant clinic (or an external transplant program)
  2. Individual is the parent/guardian of a patient in the Multi-Organ Transplant clinic (or an external transplant program)
  3. Parental/guardian permission and, if appropriate, child assent

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