Our yearly face-to face meeting was held in Victoria, BC on November 21-22nd, 2019. The purpose of this gathering 18 months into the project was to bring together the Silent Genomes team and our partners to gather insights and feedback on the governance strategy, development of the Indigenous Background Variant Library (IBVL), and provide an update on Activities 1-4. We had 38 participants in-person or online via Zoom representing the Alliance, First Nations Health Authority, Metis National Council, the Population Health Research Institute, Silent Genomes team members and co-investigators, and Genome BC representatives.


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Agenda 2019


May Sam, Elder, Tsartlip Nation
Skip Sam, Elder, Tsartlip Nation

SG Project Leads
Dr. Laura Arbour, Project Leader
Dr. Nadine Caron, Co-Project Leader and Team Lead Activity 1
Dr. Wyeth W. Wasserman, Co-Project Leader and Team Lead Activity 3
Dr. Anna Lehman, Team co-Lead Activity 2
Dr. Maja Tarailo - Graovac, Team co-Lead Activity 2 (via Zoom)
Dr. Jeff Reading, Project Advisor

Dr. Nanibaa Garrison - Co-Investigator, Associate Professor, University of California, Los Angeles (via Zoom)
Dr. Anne-Marie Laberge - Co-Investigator, Associate Clinical Professor, Medical Genetics, CHU Sainte-Justine (via Zoom)
Dr. Ripan Mahli, Co-applicant, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, the University of Illinois (via Zoom)
Dr. Simon Gravel, Co-applicant, McGill University (via Zoom)
Dr. Stuart Peacock, Co-applicant, Co-Director ARCC, Head of Cancer Control Research at BCCRI
Dr. Michael Burgess, Co-applicant, UBC

Dr. Evan Adams, Co-Investigator, FNHA, Chief Medical Officer
Namaste Marsden, FNHA, Manager, Research, Policy Planning and Transformation
Gillian Corless, FNHA, Senior Advisor, Research and Ethics
Kevin Linn, FNHA, Senior Policy Analyst, Cancer/CPAC Policy Planning and Transformation
David McAtackney, Health Research Analyst, FNHA
Junko FukuiInnes, FNHA, Project Director, Data Liaison 
Marlene LaRoque, AFN, Senior Policy Analyst
Eduardo Vides, MNC, Senior Health Policy Advisor
Dipika Desai, PHRI, Associate Program Manager

Genome BC
Dr. Chen Wan, Genome BC, Sector Manager, Health (via Zoom)
Kate Harland, Genome BC, Genomics & Society Advisor (via Zoom)

SG team members
Dr. Irina Manokhina, Scientific Project Manager
Leah Ballantyne, LLM, Policy Project Manager
Brittany Morgan, MSc Indigenous Community Engagement Coordinator
Laurie Montour, MSc, Indigenous Community Education Coordinator
Dr. Meck Chongo, Postdoctoral Research Fellow UBC/UNBC
Sarah McIntosh, MSc, CCGC, Genetic Counsellor/Research Manager
Karen Jacob, MSc, CCGC, Genetic Counsellor/Study Coordinator
Avery Newman-Simmons, BSc student, UBC
Dr. Simona Frederickson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Swayne Lab, UVic
Dr. Solenne Correard, Postdoctoral fellow at Wasserman lab CMMT, UBC
Alejandro Aguirre, BSc. Biology, CMMT, IBVL Web Developer (via Zoom)
Morgan Ehman MPh, Health Economist  
Ian Cromwell Lawrence Gillman, MSc, Health Economist  


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